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FV-KUPPLUNG – Special coupling for wind generator SEEWIND

FV-KUPPLUNG model:  FV-6D-176 Nominal torque:  5.000 Nm Maximum torque:  10.000 Nm Max speed: 3.500 rpm FV-KUPPLUNG for wind generator SEEWIND. Special extra short design with flange according customer specifications.  

Wrap your lamina coupling! It will be protected from dust!

In dusty areas the small grains that slip between the plates during the operation of the coupling cause unexpected breakages. Technical department of FV-KUPPLUNG  has developed a new solution to protect transmission couplings from dust. The plastic film wraps the plates and protects them from dirt and external agents. The grains of abrasive powder will no longer fit between the plates.…

FV-KUPPLUNG: Precision couplings for torque transducers

What is the best coupling for transducers? The common choice is torsionally rigid coupling without angular play, but finding the best design that suits the needs of each application is not easy. The FV-KUPPLUNG plate packs coupling with their modular design can adapt to any constructive requirement.   FV-KUPPLUNG FOR TRANSDUCER  5KNm Special design with complete coupling with…

FV-KUPPLUNG VIDEO – Assembly of coupling with minimum DBSE

Connect two shafts with minimum distance between shaft ends (DBSE) may be problematic if you want to use a torsionally rigid disc coupling. The available distance does not allow inserting a spacer between the shafts. The spacer is required to allow the installation of two plates packs that can absorb a parallel (radial) misalignment. In fact, with…